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Welcome to Bluebottle and Bosworth Posted on 02 May 21:57

Thanks for checking out Bluebottle and Bosworth.  After 20 years in the media helping others to build their businesses I decided to launch my own – and to concentrate on something that runs in my family.  My dad worked in shoes all his life, designing, making, selling, talking, sleeping and living shoes.  As I grew up, quite a lot of that  rubbed off on me but my involvement was limited to buying a pair for myself.  

Most days my job demands a smart-casual dress code and with my upbringing I have a strong belief that a pair of shoes make or break any outfit. So to help me - and the countless others who dress smart-casual, I set out to build a range of styles that addresses smart-casual dilemma at a sensible price. The result is Bluebottle and Bosworth.   

Please take a look around the site, we appreciate your visit. Bluebottle and Bosworth is the product of many long conversations with my family and friends and several long trips to factories and suppliers all over Europe.  But it’s been more than worth it and we hope you like the shoes.