About Us

A Big Hello From The Team At... Shoes By Suave!

We’re a footwear retailer aimed at women and men who want comfy yet stylish shoes – we understand the science behind making shoes, sandals and boots, and we’ve applied everything we know to bring you some of the most comfortable footwear on the high street today.

Our main factories are located in the Historic town of Guimaraes around 40 miles north of Porto, Portugal. The Portuguese word ‘suave’ translates into English to mean ‘soft’ – so our name really does means what we stand for.

We Believe Feeling Good Is As Important As Looking Good

If you spend the day on your feet, you can’t afford to take chances with your shoes. We search long and hard to find the softest and most durable leathers. We’re constantly looking at how we can add extra comfort features that make a difference to your feet and legs.

Our aim has never been to be the biggest, but it has always been to be the best. Suave shoes are now found in nearly 30 countries around the world – but we still hand-make every pair, taking time and effort to make a shoe that’s just right for you.

So come along with us. Tell us what you want more of, what works, and what you’d like to see done differently. Whilst this is our business, they’re always going to be your shoes.