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There’s A Lot To Tell You About Suave Shoes!

They're made by real people. Behind the brand there’s a team of highly skilled shoe makers who cut, stitch and package every single shoe.
We take care of the team who produce Suave shoes as they take care of every shoe they make.

Our Soles

All Suave shoes have anti-slip soles. The soles are made from ultra-light PU, which is flexible and moves with each step you take.

The shoes are made using a special technique called "Strobel-stitch method" which was originally developed for the sports shoe market: providing a high level of flexibility whilst maintaining the shoe's strength.

Advanced Lining

Each Suave shoe contains our advanced lining, made from an ecologically friendly microfibre. This makes all Suave insoles:

Air Function System

Suave’s ‘air function system’ uses the air beneath your feet to improve the comfort of every step you take. All Suave shoes have:


We carefully source leathers from sustainable suppliers – leather is a natural product and so we take time to understand the background to the process, we know where the hides have been tanned and stored.

Every other part of the shoe is made in our factories. It allows us to carefully monitor all of the processes to ensure that every Suave shoe meets our stringent quality levels.