About Our Brands

We don’t just sell shoes by Suave on this site… for men we have SoftWalk and you'll also find a range from Sandpiper; specialising in wide fit shoes, boots and sandals.

For Women

All Suave shoes have anti-slip soles and are made using a special technique originally developed for the sports shoe market: providing a high level of flexibility whilst maintaining shoe strength.

Each Suave shoe contains an advanced lining made from an ecologically friendly microfibre. This makes all Suave insoles: washable, breathable and moisture wicking. Suave’s ‘air function system’ uses the air around the foot to improve the comfort of every step you take.

For Men

It’s 30 years since SoftWalk® first started to appear on the streets of the UK. Today the brand is recognised globally as a beacon of comfort, quality and durability. It retains the tradition of handcrafted manufacturing.

SoftWalk® has state of the art production facilities in northern Portugal. SoftWalk® is owned by the Ricap Group, a family firm who’ve made a commitment to sustainable operations. Over the last 3 decades, as fashions and trends have changed, SoftWalk® has remained true to its founding principles.

For Extra Wide Feet

Sandpiper is a long established family run business, committed to helping people find comfort for their feet, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design and appearance.

Sandpiper consists of a carefully designed range of comfort footwear known for their softness and flexibility.

 In the Sandpiper collection you’ll find shoes which range from 2E-6E and also footwear specifically for diabetics.